Bull Sale

Next Annual Bull Sale - Tuesday 31st July 2018 at 1pm


Tuesday 31st July 2018 at 1pm

selling 65 x rising 2yrs old ANGUS SIRES

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Conducted by Elders:-

Nick Hall 0427 437 203
Brian Kennedy 0427 844 047
Wayne Jenkyn 0428 293 556

or contact your local Elders agent

NIL mobile service at our Sale Complex

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Bull Testing

All bulls offered at our on-property 2018 Bull Sale have been put through an extensive & thorough testing regime including:

  1. Fertility testing by an Australian Cattle Veterinarians (ACV) accredited vet which includes an examination of internal & external genitalia as well as structural & gait soundness + measurement of scrotal circumference.

  2. Crush side semen test for SEMEN MOTILITY (i.e. semen quantity and its ability to move). A guide for acceptable minimum Semen Motility is >30% progressively motile sperm. All bulls catalogued for our 2017 Bull Sale have exhibited ≥50% progressively motile sperm in their semen sample and are eligible to receive the ACV semen evaluation TICK. Look for the BULLCHECK™ logo, in our sale catalogue.

  3. Additionally, a preserved semen sample has been laboratory tested for SEMEN MORPHOLOGY to determine semen shape, size and structure (i.e. anatomy of the sperm). Morphology cannot be tested 'crush side', requiring a large & specialised laboratory microscope to examine a preserved semen sample, assessing the % normal & % abnormal sperm cells. It can pick up defects in the sperm that 'crush side' testing cannot. The most serious of these defects can see the sperm start to fertilise an egg but fail to result in a viable embryo & the female will fail to fall in calf. Whilst bulls with poor morphology may still sire calves, it comes at the added cost of a high rate of PTNIC females & the loss of 1 or 2 embryos during the mating season prior to maintaining pregnancy. The delay in achieving pregnancy can result in smaller calves at weaning & means a shorter recovery time post calving, putting undue pressure on the female to achieve pregnancy the following year. Thus using bulls with high normal sperm morphology counts can increase calving rates, shorten calving periods, reduce PTNIC & increase weaning weights. Age at puberty & time between calving and cycling again, can also be influenced by the morphology of the heifer's sire. A guide for acceptable minimum Semen Morphology is:-

    (a) >70% normal sperm for bulls used in single sire matings or AI
    (b) >50% normal sperm for bulls used in multiple sire matings.

    All bulls catalogued for our 2017 Bull Sale have exhibited ≥70% normal sperm in their semen sample. . Look for the BULLCHECK™ logo, in our sale catalogue.

  4. DNA tested for recessive genetic conditions AM, CA, DD & NH with status identified in Lot details in the sale catalogue.

  5. Ear notch tested negative for Pestivirus & Pestigard vaccinated. Pestivirus (also known as BVDV) commonly causes (but not limited to) abortion, reduced fertility, stunted calves + a period of immune suppression which can lead to calf scours, pneumonia and other diseases. It is spread by contact with infected animals & especially Persistently Infected (PI) animals (ie 'carrier' animals). An ear notch test is the best means of identifying PI bulls. A PI bull, though it may exhibit no outward symptoms at all & live a long & productive life, will shed & spread pestivirus in all their bodily fluids all their life. Vaccinating a PI bull will not cure it, nor prevent it from spreading pestivirus. Minimise your pestivirus risk by purchasing bulls that have ear notch tested PI negative. All our 2017 Sale Bulls have been ear notch tested PI negative & have been vaccinated with Pestigard™ which will protect the bull should it come into future contact with pestivirus (which can commonly occur during transit). We recommend an annual booster vaccination program for your bull.

  6. Vibrovax, 7 in 1 vaccinated + treated with worm drench.

  7. J-BAS8 - Johne's Beef Assurance Score 8. Eastern Plains had a herd status of MN2 under the former National Johne’s Disease Market Assurance Program for Cattle. We have been testing for Johne's since 1998.

  8. Eastern Plains is an EU accredited herd.

  9. Full performance recording & registration with Angus Australia & Angus BREEDPLAN.

  10. Trivalent tick fever vaccine - by prior arrangement, we can vaccinate bulls sold into cattle tick areas & then run these bulls on-property until immunity develops prior to delivery (approx. 4 weeks).

2017 Bull Sale - Reference Sires

Name: Cluden Newry Equator F10 (AI)
Name: Silveiras Conversion 8064
Name: Karoo A241 Equator E39 (A1) (ET)
Name: Werner Westward 357
Name: GG Double Eagle Trust 101 (AI)
Name: Sydgen Black Pearl 2006
Name: Eastern Plains Jackes J51 (AI) 
Name: Eastern Plains Jimbunna J79 (AI) 
Name: Eastern Plains Jugiong J32 (AI)
Name: Eastern Plains Jupp J48 (AI)
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