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  • Eastern Plains Angus has a 120+ year family history of breeding & performance recording Angus cattle in NSW. The herd can trace its origins to the importation of Angus cattle from Scotland by the White Bros of Edinglassie, Muswellbrook, in 1888. Eldest son, FJ White, then brought Angus cattle to Saumarez Station, Armidale, with his son, HF White, registering Bald Blair Angus Stud, Guyra, in 1908.

  • HF White’s sons, Richard & Graham White, then ran Bald Blair Angus in partnership, dividing the stud & commercial herds between them with the dissolution of their partnership in 1985. Graham then established Eastern Plains Angus stud with his portion of the female herds & in 1997, through family succession Graham’s son, Andrew White, took over ownership & management of Eastern Plains Angus.


Eastern Plains Angus is located at “Eastern Plains”, Guyra, in northern NSW.

The stud is run alongside a commercial herd across 3 properties totaling approx. 6700 acres, west of Guyra; the home block “Eastern Plains” where the stud herd is run, and properties “Merton” and “Beckmore” further west of Guyra in the Ben Lomond district, where commercial cattle are run.

Soils across the 3 properties are largely basalt and pastures are predominantly improved pasture species of phalaris, red and white clovers, cocksfoot, rye and fescues.

Average annual rainfall is 900 mm, which usually falls over the Spring & Summer.

Winters are cold & frosts are experienced April to September & even as late as October.

Breeding Program

Our breeding program at Eastern Plains aims to produce bulls with a balance of growth, fertility and meat quality traits rather than extremes in just the one trait or one set of traits.

Females are relentlessly selected for fertility, low maintenance and an ability to cope with a range of environmental conditions.

Structural soundness is also a must and rigorously assessed in both bulls and females.

Eastern Plains Angus comprises a herd of approximately 160 HBR & 50 APR females, which have been performance recorded and registered with Angus Australia since its’ inception. The herd is entirely self-replacing.

AI & ET reproduction technologies have been used in the stud for the last 25 years. As little as 4 years ago, AI sires were mostly American bred, however more recently, Australian bred genetics are becoming more prevalent. Each year we conduct an annual AI program early Sept where heifers and cows are joined over two ‘rounds’ of AI & then put out to our own stud bred back-up bulls.

The performance of our stud genetics are routinely put to the test in our commercial herd where only our own stud bred yearling bulls are joined to a self-replacing commercial herd of approx. 700 females. The commercial operation is geared to produce feeder steers for the long-fed markets, most of which go to JBS Beef City or Caroona feedlots at 18 months of age, weighing approx. 520 kgs.

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